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Niagara Cycling - Experience It!

Cycling enthusiasts coming to visit the South Coast of Niagara will definitely not be disappointed with the seemingly endless kilometers, variety and quality of the cycling trails and facilities contained within this amazing Region.

Bring your bikes along or consider renting one when you get here! The Niagara Region offers unmatched beauty from its breathtaking waterways and golf courses to its picturesque views from along the Welland Canal, all of which are easily accessible with peddle-power and a healthy sense of adventure.  Cyclists can choose from a huge variety of destinations, from the rugged gravel Trans Canada Trail, the paved Friendship Trail and Welland Canals Parkways Trail to the majesty of the Greater Niagara Circle Route trail as well as many off-road trails around the region.  We have more than enough terrain to satisfy everyone from beginners and family day-trippers to advanced cyclists who are looking for a challenge. Whether you're here for a race or to relax, the South Coast of Niagara offers a cycling adventure that is hard to beat and beauty that's unrivalled.

Unique Combination of Trails:
Greater Niagara Circle Route - This 100-kilometre trail system unites several different paved paths. Portions of the trail are already complete and the remainder will be constructed over the next few years. Trails of the Greater Niagara Circle Route include: Welland Canals Trail, Friendship Trail, Niagara River Parkway Recreation Trail and the Waterfront Trail.

Short Hills Provincial Park - This 688-hectare natural environment features six established trails designated as either shared use hiking/cycling/horseback riding or as hiking only. Three different access points to the park can be found on Roland Road in Pelham, Wiley Road in Thorold or Pelham Road in St. Catharines.

Friendship Trail - This is a 13.6-kilometre asphalt and paved multi-use trail that extends from Gorham Road in Ridgeway to Historic Fort Erie on Lakeshore Road at Niagara Boulevard. This includes travelling along Edgemere Road and Lakeshore Road. Eventually, this trail will be connected to the Niagara River Parkway Recreation Trail and to Port Colborne. The Friendship Trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail Link.

Welland Canals Trail - Follow this stone dust trail along the Welland Canal from Welland to Sugarloaf Harbour in Port Colborne. Sections running from Port Colborne to Fort Erie are under construction.  This is a multi-use, asphalt trail that will stretch from Lakeshore Road, St. Catharines to Clarence Street, Port Colborne. To date, a 10-kilometre section from Lakeshore Road to the flight locks in Thorold is complete. As well, a rougher East Side Trail along a portion of the canal is planned.

Steve Bauer Trail - This 6-kilometre multi-use trail stretches from Fonthill to Welland. Begin your walk in Fonthill at Quaker Road and Line Avenue. Follow the stone chip rail bed, roads and stone chip path through several developments and end at the Welland River.

Talbot Trail - The trail extends nearly 2000 kilometres from Windsor to Fort Erie with sections following Highway 3 through Wainfleet and Port Colborne. Hikers will enjoy the natural and scenic attractions of the Carolinian forests.

Stop 19 Trail - Begin your walk or ride north of Thorold Road West and continue along the Welland River to Quaker Road. Here, the trail joins to the Steve Bauer trail. This 4.4-kilometre trail is mainly stone dust and is accessible by wheelchairs and strollers.

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