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John & Gloria Simon

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About the House

LakeBreeze Niagara Studio Suites was opened on June 1, 2007 by Interior Decorator Gloria Simon in an heritage 1904 farm house.  Jerry Johnston, the town barber in 1904 had cleared the forest and built the house in what was considered back than a far distance from the canal (only four city blocks) considering you had to bring everything by horse and cart or be carry it.  The house had been renovated in approximately 1957 and the central staircase was remove and the house was turned into a duplex to accommodate the growing need for housing for the workers at INCO.  The main entrance on Steele Street was closed off and the side entrance on Clarence Street now became the main entrance to accommodate the reassigning of the rooms to new purposes.  The original verandas were removed and a concrete stoop was built at the Clarence Street entrance.

Gloria’s vision was to add a 1200 sq ft addition to the original 1904 farm house for the loft suite and dining room and extensively renovate the rest of the house to provide the guest with all the modern amenities of home.  The 80 foot wrap around veranda with an outside dining room completed the renovation along with extensive gardens. The house has central heating and air conditioning which is separately controlled for the main part of the house and the Executive Studio Apartment.

Regardless of your situation, whether it is an extended business stay, needing a place to stay while you have your home renovated or repaired, checking out the Niagara area to relocate, having a holiday or visiting relatives, LakeBreeze Niagara Studio Suites has the answer that you are looking for.

Not your typical accomodatoon!
Why stay at LakeBreeze Niagara Studio Suites vs. a Hotel or Motel?

  • Suites are completely cleaned each and every time a guest leaves including disinfecting doors, doorknobs and steaming floors.
  • Bedspreads and blankets are laundered on a regular basis to ensure cleanliness
  • All rooms interior and exterior walls are insulated to provide sound proof accommodations for your privacy and comfort.

On the south shore of Niagara Peninsula experience rich history and warm hospitality with a side of
comfort, elegance & charm

LakeBreeze Niagara Studio Suites is an eco-friendly establishment, using chemical-free cleaners, washing detergents and dish soaps!